We love beer and football, so we have opened a pub with a bully red and white name "Pig and Rose", although the owners are cheering for different clubs: Osipov Egor and Melnikova Tatiana are desperately cheering for Spartak, and Sergei Kanaev and Sergei Grinyov for Dynamo ". The pub came up as everyone dreamed: English, small, cozy with a fine summer terrace and the London front. As well as it is at the Foggy Albion, there are no waiters or even waitresses, everything has to be ordered at the bar, and there is plenty to choose from: 24 varieties of draft beer and cider - more classics, of course, and a whole sheet of bottled positions - mostly craft. There are lots of strong alcohol drinks, but for gin and tonic a separate card is made in order to create something special.

There are more than 20 TVs in the pub and from everywhere you can perfectly see football, boxing, hockey or even rugby, if you like it. You can watch different broadcasts at the same time, for which a dome speaker is hung above each table so that you can hear your commentator.

For those who want to be alone, but do not want to go to the bar, we offer whiskey room. Here you can try some interesting sorts and smoke a cigar, and your order will be taken and brought to you by the manager.

Justifying the name, in addition to the unavoidable fish-n-chips, wings and other guaranteed burgers and nachos, we included in the menu a lot of different pork dishes: rib dogs and hock, ears and belly, ribs and torn pork. Chef Sergey Astafyev, knows what a man needs after three pints of Guinness.

As it is customary in England there is a pub-quiz in the pub - a cheerful drinking intellectual battle in which teams that consist of regulars of the pub fight against each other on Mondays. 

Yes. And the most important thing! We have a fireplace, which we light every evening and if it's cold outside and you were not going to drink, but for some reason found yourself in the quiet center of Moscow with a pint of ale in the hands at the glorious pub "Pig and Rose."